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During The Lease

Let Only Tenancies

In some cases, landlords themselves will choose to look after a property once the initial tenancy creation has been completed. You would have your landlord's contact details and any issues during your tenancy you would need to speak to them directly. We may continue to be involved during any tenancy renewal, or where your deposit return is concerned.


Managed Tenancies

In most cases, landlord employ an agent to look after the property and tenancies on their behalf. This would include resolving any maintenance issues, carryout out visual inspections of the property, process renewals, check outs and of course rent collection and accounts. Your contact would solely be with the agent.


We will take the meter readings for you and add them to your inventory check in document to make things easier, however in some cases they might not always be readily available, such as requiring a management company to obtain them for us. However, ensuring your utility providers are informed is always the tenants responsibility. To make this easier, we use a service call Homeshift.

We'll provide your details to them shortly after you've moved in and they will be in touch with you to confirm your details. The service is completely free of charge and they will bring all your household bills into one place and reduce your paperwork. They will even manage your home smartly and keep track of renewal dates, usage, consumption and more.

Always have a real-life expert on hand to help you with your bills and services.


If you have a maintenance problem in your property, you need to inform your landlord or agent right away. Details for common problems and what to do can be found in your tenancy information pack provided at the start of your tenancy. If your property is managed by us, we can resolve any maintenance issue you have. To begin, all maintenance issues must be reported to us through our website. This enables our contractors to have as much information about the job as needed, as well as provide you with a notification. In some cases, our system will even advise you what you can do to fix the issues yourself!

Paying Rent

Your rent will usually be due on a monthly basis but will be detailed on in your tenancy agreement. The easiest way to make rent payments is through a standing order, the details of which are in your tenancy information pack.

Property Visits

A good landlord will want to make periodic visits to the property to make sure everything is still in good working order, and there are no remedial maintenance issues that have gone unnoticed, for example, weathered paintwork, failed double glazing, broken door locks etc. Don't worry, these visits are perfectly normal and you'll always be notified prior to any visit taking place. For properties that are managed, these are typically every 3-6 months.

Renewals & Extentions

Initially, all tenancies will start on a fixed term contract with a minimum of 6 months. About 2 months prior to the end of your tenancy, we will get in touch to see you would like to extend your tenancy and continue living at the property. The options which you can decided are:

  • Sign up to another fixed term agreement
  • Renew on a statutory periodic agreement
  • Decided to vacate the property